The Launch of the Wyong Roos Foundation

It always has and always will be a focus of the Wyong Rugby League Club Group to assist the local communities. To enable us to do this effectively we have created a Foundation and formed a committee of people who share our vision of continuing to care and support our community.

The Wyong Roos Foundation strive to invest in projects that are going to improve the lives of people within our immediate community who are facing challenges or are disadvantaged, whether it be socially, economically or physically. The committee consists of 8 members, all sharing a close relationship with the Wyong Rugby League Club Group and a passion for helping the direct communities surrounding our venues. The Foundation allows the Wyong Rugby League Club Group to focus on assisting smaller groups who attract little funding and assistance from government and large charitable organisations and who aren’t big enough to generate significate fundraising income of their own.

The Foundation likes to ensure that our focus and our vision is met when providing funding, therefore the committee has discussed and agreed upon the following funding guidelines.

Criteria Outline

The following criteria is provided as a basis of funding eligibility:

  • The applicant can either be an individual, a group or a volunteer organisation
  • The applicant needs to be situated or located in a local government area within which the
    Wyong Rugby League Club Group has a venue or venues
  • The applicant is unable to seek all necessary funding through other channels
  • There must be no administration costs tied to a funding request

Further information on our Wyong Roos Foundation or to discuss an application, please email the committee on

$30,000 Donation to The Central Coast Kids in Need

A chance meeting at a fundraiser left CEO Michael Coghlan impressed by the work Central Coast Kids in Need do, their passion and their drive. Following this meeting CCKIN presented to the committee and shared the ins and outs of their work.  It was obvious that they were a worthy recipient and Wyong Roos Foundation pledged a $30,000 donation to the Central Coast Kids in Need so they can continue their great work.

Central Coast Kids in Need helps Central Coast families of seriously ill children who have to travel to Newcastle or Sydney for treatment, CCKIN covers their transport, accommodation and other costs.  CCKIN supports local families like the Metcalfe’s who’s daughter Olive (pictured) was born with spina bifida and Louis (now volunteer) who CCKIN purchased a diabetes pump for many years ago.

For more information on Central Coast Kids in need see

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