Policy No: A12004


This Policy provides an outline of how and when personal information is collated,
stored and disclosed by the Club.

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Wyong Rugby League Club Limited (the Club) ABN No. 11 000 834 908 and its affiliated
Group of Club’s (herein collectively referred to as “Club”) acknowledges its
responsibilities in regard to the privacy of individuals including members, guests,
employees and affiliates. The Club is committed to the provisions of the Privacy Act
1988 and the Australian Privacy Principles contained therein.


Privacy Act 1988
Australian Privacy Principles
Registered Clubs Act 1976
Wyong Leagues Group (WLG) Data Breach Policy



Information collected by the Club
The Club collects personal information from members and in some cases temporary
members including name, address, occupation, date of birth, contact details, phone
number and email address. Information may also be collected when a membership
card is placed in a gaming machine and when swiped at a point of sale or kiosk. The
Club may collect information when a member or guest participates in a promotion or
other club activity.

The Club may collect personal information about other individuals who are not staff
or members of the Club. This includes customers and members of the public who
participate in events we are involved with, individual service providers and contractors
to the Club, and other individuals who interact with the Club on a commercial basis.

The kinds of personal information we collect will depend on the capacity in which you
are dealing with the Club. Generally, it would include your name, contact details, and
information regarding our interactions and transactions with you.

If you are participating in an event or sporting activity we are managing or delivering,
we may take images or audio-visual recordings which identify you.

In limited circumstances, the Club may collect information which is considered
sensitive information. For example, if you are injured at an event or sporting activity
promoted or delivered by the Club we may collect health information about you in an
emergency or otherwise with your consent.

We may collect personal information about children (for example, when children
participate in events or sporting activities we are involved with). Where children do
not have sufficient maturity and understanding to make decisions about their personal
information, we will require their parents or guardians to make decisions on their

You can always decline to give the Club any personal information we request, but that
may mean we cannot provide you with some or all of the services you have requested.
If you have any concerns about personal information we have requested, please let us

In the interest of safety and security, the Club operates surveillance cameras and may
collect personal information in the course of investigating complaints or pursuing
disciplinary proceedings.

Where practicable, the purpose for which the Club collects personal information, will
be made clear at the time of collection and when appropriate consent for its use is
obtained. The Club will not collect any personal information about visitors to the
website except when they knowingly provide it.

Personal information is collected when a membership application form is submitted
that has been approved under the Registered Clubs Act. A recognised form of
identification (i.e. passport or driver’s licence) would also be required to confirm
details provided.

This includes information about non-members.

Disclosure of information
The Club does not disclose personal information to any organisation or person unless
there is:

  •  a legal requirement to do so, or;
  • a threat to an individual’s life, health and safety or public health and safety, or;
  • a suspicious or unlawful activity has been, is being or may have been engaged
    in, or;
  • a patron benefits in doing so.

How this information is used
The Club uses the information for the purpose disclosed at the time of collection or as
otherwise set out in the Privacy Policy. Generally, the Club will use information
collected in order to:

  • To process membership applications
  • To meet statutory requirements under the Registered Clubs Act 1976 and
    other relevant legislation
  • To comply with the Club’s constitution
  • To contact members about offers, events & activities provided by the Club
  •  For direct marketing purposes. However, if a person is contacted this way, an
    opportunity to elect to no longer receive this type of communication will be
    provided for the medium in which they were contacted
  • As an aid to third parties that provide products or services under contract to
    the Club
  • To assist in investigation of incidents, security incidents or illegal activities
  •  To allow for managing, planning, advertising and administering programs,
    events, competitions and performances
  • Respond to requests for information and other general inquiries
  • Obtain recruitment information

Quality of personal information
The Club takes all reasonable steps to ensure that information is accurate and reliable.
The Club relies on the individual to provide accurate information and advise of any
changes. If information is not accurate, contact the Club and steps will be made to
correct the information.

Access to personal information
Individuals may access personal information held by the Club by contacting the Club’s
Privacy Officer.

The Club only collects sensitive information (i.e.: health data to provide a service to
our members) at the written request of an individual.


The Club stores information in paper-based files or other electronic record keeping
methods in secure databases (including trusted third party storage providers based in
Australia and overseas). Personal information may be collected in paper-based
documents and converted to electronic form for use or storage (with the original
paper-based documents either archived or securely destroyed). We take reasonable
steps to protect your personal information from misuse, interference and loss and
from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.

The Club maintains physical security over paper and electronic data stores, such as
through locks and security systems at our premises. We also maintain computer and
network security, for example, we use firewalls (security measures for the internet)
and other security systems such as user identifiers and passwords to control access to
our computer systems.

Our websites do not necessarily use encryption or other technologies to ensure the
secure transmission of information via the internet. Users of our websites are
encouraged to exercise care in sending personal information via the internet.
We take steps to destroy or de-identify information that we no longer require.
For any breaches, refer to the WLG Data Breach Policy.

Changes to the Policy
The Club may amend this policy.

Further Information
This policy is located on the Club’s website; www.wyongleaguesgroup.com.au

For further information, please contact the Club’s Privacy Officer at the Group
Administration desk.
Tel: 02) 43 937 213